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Honda Engine Room: best of 2017

Honda Engine Room: best of 2017

by Honda UK / December 18th / Published in Honda UK - The Engine Room
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It’s been a brilliant year for Honda. The Fireblade was named ‘Sportsbike of the Year’, the Type R: ‘Car of the Year’. We won the MotoGP. And the MXGB. And Indianapolis 500. We stole the show at Goodwood, set a world record at the Nurburgring and debuted not one, but 29 new Honda vehicles at EICMA, TMS and Motorcycle Live. In fact, it’s been such a great year that we’ve had to compile a ‘best of’ list just to make sense of it all.

01 Honda’s Greatest Hits: S2000

Enjoy our special video commemorating one of the most iconic convertibles ever made: the Honda S2000. Take a trip down memory lane with one of the best convertibles ever, the S2000, in the first instalment of our Honda heritage video series!

02 Top 10 rare Hondas

Discover the rarest Honda vehicles in the world – including the legendary NSX-R GT… Here are ten super-rare Honda production vehicles you may have never heard of, including a limited edition TT Fireblade, the rarest NSX in the world and – get this – a gold monkey bike. Mental.

1. Honda S500
2. Honda Life Pickup
3. Honda Torneo SiR-T
4. Honda XLV750R Limited Edition
5. Honda EV Plus
6. Honda XL600R Pharaoh
7. Honda Z50J Monkey Bike: Gold Edition
8. Honda RC213V-S
9. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP – TT Special Edition 2016
10. NSX-R GT (JDM)